'Artyblake Pictures' is a gallery of my own work, as you can see it is varied in style and techniques. I love art and the 'doing' of art and so will try all types of media and techniques. This makes me have a wide knowledge of my subject, I also read a lot about art, having two monthly magazines on art delivered at home. So you can see I am art mad!

'My Students' Pictures' is a collection of examples of my students' work. Most of these students have not painted very much before and these particular pictures where taken after I set them the challenge to paint from their own photo or magazine picture. As you can see they all did very well but I think almost more importantly, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst painting these pictures. These pictures give you, the potential student, an idea of what I could teach you and how much you could improve at my classes. A lot of students can paint but if given a few techniques their work would improve tremendously, if you are not convinced, why not come along and see if I can improve your art. The first lesson is a 'no obligation' taster session, come along and see for yourself.