About My Classes
My classes have 14 to 16 students, are friendly and there is no paper work, tests, no set seats, no competition - just good teaching, relaxing painting, like-minded people of mixed ages and genders. Each group is of mixed abilities as this, I believe, helps the beginner to improve and we can all learn from one another too.

With just a few techniques most students advance very quickly and start to enjoy their art more.

I run all my regular in-person classes at Kenilworth Methodist Church Hall in Priory Road, Kenilworth. The Hall has several rooms all of which are warm and clean with lots of free parking. I am now also running several online classes via Zoom.

If you have any questions about the classes then please feel free to contact me via my email artyblake@yahoo.co.uk or via this site using the contact form.

About Me

My name is Karen Blake, I live in Balsall Common and I have been doing art and craft of all forms most of my life. You name it I have tried it - painting with acrylics, watercolours and oils, drawing with pencil, tapestry, felting, embroidery, quilting, clothes making... My expertise is in art - painting and drawing.

I have taught for over ten years now, I enjoy teaching in an easy to learn way. Learning new techniques and up to date trends interests me and so I go on regular courses myself. This means that I bring that knowledge back to the classes, I share the skills and everyone gains.

Being sponsored by the SAA (Society for All Artists) means that they supply me with their Watercolour and Acrylic paints. I am proud to use their excellent paint, they are good quality, good price and paint beautifully. I can recommend the SAA paints to all levels of artists. I order equipment from the SAA for my students at members' prices (no need to join to gain the discounts).

The video below is filmed by the SAA, this is a good example of my teaching style, relaxed and friendly - take a look and see. (Bison or Buffalo depends on which continent you are in!)