About Me and My Classes

Please note, that due to the Virus, I am cancelling all my classes, I hope to return to the Art Classes asap but in the mean time stay well and keep painting!


I have taught for ten years now, I enjoy teaching in an easy to learn way. With just a few techniques most students advance very quickly and start to enjoy their art more. My classes are around 16 students, friendly and there is no paper work, tests, no set seats, no competition - just good teaching, relaxing painting, like minded people of mixed ages, male and female. Each group is of mixed abilities as this, I believe, helps the beginner to improve and we can all learn from one another too.

Learning new techniques and up to date trends interests me and so I go on regular courses myself. This means that I bring that knowledge back to the classes, I share the skills and everyone gains.

I live in Balsall Common but run all my regular classes at Kenilworth Methodist Church Hall in Priory Road, Kenilworth. The Hall has several rooms all of which are warm and clean with lots of free parking. The first lesson is completely free to see if you like the lesson and I can provide equipment to get you painting straight away, if you would like to join the lessons then you can come to the next class and if you decide it is not for you then that is fine too.

Recently I have been sponsored by the SAA (Society for All Artists), they supply me with their Watercolour and Acrylic paints. I am proud to use their excellent paint, they are good quality, good price and paint beautifully. I can recommend the SAA paints to all levels of artists. I order equipment from the SAA for my students at members' prices (no need to join to gain the discounts).

If you have any questions about the classes then please feel free to contact me via my email artyblake@yahoo.co.uk or via this site using the contact form.