Students' Comments

Here are a few comments from my students old and new, thank you to them for the lovely comments:

"It's a pleasure Karen, you earn every penny! I feel very privileged to be part of your talented class and love coming" Hazel

"Thank you again for all your help and encouragement, time spent in your class is very special" Di

'I enjoyed the lesson enormously and learnt a lot', Kevin

'You are a natural teacher' Sue G

"they (the art classes) have added a new richness to my life" a very kind comment from a regular student

A quote from one of my students " what I have learned and the enjoyment gained have been priceless"

" I would like to say how fantastic it’s been, you were a great inspiration and the people on your class are so friendly and the music definitely helped with the painting!" Sarah

"I really enjoy coming to your classes which are helpful, relaxing and most of all fun" from a thank you card

"What I have learned and the enjoyment gained have been priceless" Stewart.

"You are so passionate about all things arty crafty we have all got caught up in your enthusiasm, and we are learning things craft-wise that we knew nothing about" Di.

Just looked at drawings on the web I bet you are quite proud of your class,but we could not do it without your help'
Maz .

"I look forward to Thursdays as I love my art lessons, I look forward to them so much" (Thursday Art Student)

"I have learnt more in these three weeks that I have in my old class" (Barry)

Thanks you so much for your encouragement with my efforts, without that I think I would have given up a long time ago. I really enjoy art and feel a lot more relaxed about it and that's mostly down to your helpful, happy style. (and feel free to quote that!) (Sandy)

I really look forward to coming to your classes which are helpful, relaxing and most of all fun! (Di)

You've re-ignited my passion for drawing and painting! (Charlie)

You make learning such fun, and you are the best teacher that I have ever had. (Di)

Thanks for all your lessons this year really helped and inspired. (Stefon)

Thank you for a most enjoyable session yesterday. I learned a lot as always (Stewart)

Thanks again for all the help and encouragement you give Mum. She really enjoys the class - it is the highlight of her week. (Sally)

This is a wonderful reflection of the quality of your teaching and encouragement. Well done. (Stewart)

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable morning,I really can’t believe that I have made that lovely little felt pot. Mind you I did have a lot of help from you so thank you for that. (Di)

I’m really enjoying the classes and appreciate your great advice and faith in our abilities (Rachael)

'thank you for everything you've taught me so far; I really enjoyed your classes and learning with you'. (Alison)

'looking forward to painting again next week. Thanks for your wonderful enthusiasm' (Stewart)

'thank you so much… I did enjoy it and there was a real sense of freedom just slapping on the paint' - (Joy, comment from abstract painting course)

'Thanks for a great morning's class. I never thought I could do that!' comment about the portrait drawing class' (Heather)

'Word has got out on how good you are!' (Sandra)

'Many thanks for the painting lesson on Tuesday, I enjoyed it very much; just the thing I was looking for' (Dave P)

'I really did enjoy the class today! The time went by like a flash. So relaxing! Thanks again for a very enjoyable morning' (Heather)

'My daughter felt so proud to have achieved a result so lovely it made it onto your website. Thank you for your huge input in all of this and for being so thoughtful' (comment about Private Tuition)

'I have learnt more in this one lesson than a whole term of lessons in my previous class' (student)

'You are so encouraging' (student)